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History of the Power Stone


Back in the day, when a young lady turned 18 she started building what was called a Hope Chest with items you would want for your household when you got married i.e. china, towels, bedding, etc. So, when I turned 18, I started my very own hope chest. A cedar chest that was deep enough to hold my future household items. I was excited, it was time to pick out my china. The company was called Cordon Bleu and they were definitely on point with their sales strategy. The salesman they sent to my house was a fine, fine, superfine black man. Polished, cultured, smooth deep voice and very good at making sure I chose the design and pattern that was perfect for me. It was beautiful! Although, I’m not saying, but I probably would have bought any design. At the end of the sale Tink presented me with a beautiful smooth blue stone. He called it a “worry stone”. He said anytime I felt worried I should rub the stone. Well, that stone went with me everywhere. Usually in my pocket so I could just slip my hands in my pocket and feel it. I rubbed that stone so much it had an indentation of my thumb. It truly served its purpose.


When I chose to become a single parent, I felt I needed to notch it up. Six children, two jobs, medical challenges with my children, you name it, you can imagine. I needed a plethora of tools to make it through the day. High on my list was my mental health. Prayer and Gratitude was first and foremost as well as other manners of positivity. I vigorously protected my environment. My mantra is “you are what you eat." In other words, what am I feeding myself mentally to stay positive. So, I countered negativity by keeping it, as much as possible, out of my mind, heart, body, and soul. This was accomplished by countering negativity with positive vibes. My “worry stone” was retired with love. And the POWER Stone was born.


Why power? We have the POWER to put the right motivations and vibes in our hearts, mind, body and soul. The stone is a small reminder of that. When there are negative emotions going on, just one thought that is filled with laughter, joy, love or peace can help you breathe and therefore bring some clarity in moving to next steps.


50+ years I’ve shared the magic of the Power Stone. Now, in full effect, I bring the magic, energy, and love of the Power Stone to you.


Feel the energy of the Power Stone. Register for the Power Club to receive your free stone and join the club where vibrations and motivations soothe your soul.


Ronnie Sanders

CEO and Managing Director

Power Muzic Radio

We want to create an opportunity that enhances the overall experience for our listeners. The Power Club does that by granting registered members advanced access to Power Muzic Radio events, information and special PMR programming. In addition, you will be automatically registered for the Monthly Birthday Bash drawing. This is a chance for you to you to celebrate your birthday and to even become a DJ for the day on your birthday.

As a Birthday Club member, not only will you receive recognition of your birthday on our website, but you can guarantee having an on-air party at a discounted Birthday Bash rate. Contact us at 860-268-1237 or via email at for Birthday Bash rates. 


To register and become a member of The Power Club, complete the registration form below. If you have any questions about The Power Club, please email  

(Please allow 7-10 business days for delivery)




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